Waxing lyrical about radiant heating in automotive anti-corrosion process

Victory Lighting recently helped a major global automotive manufacturer reduce their energy bill and improve their line throughput by developing a radiant heating system for their anti-corrosion wax coating process.

Front Car Pano1

Currently the process requires painted body shells to spend up to 20 minutes travelling through an 80m long oven which takes the injected wax through it’s “jellification” state and allows it to run through the under-body chassis to fully coat the internal sub-frame structure.  While the process is well controlled there is a lot of wasted energy (i.e. the whole body is heated, not just the areas of wax coating) and the oven is open ended as the line passes through, hence heat escapes at either end.  Additionally, there needs to be a tilt stage to ensure the wax flows into the “nooks and crannies” of the interior multi-layer sub-frame structure, difficult to perform in a continuous line and inside an oven.  Lastly in the rare case of a line-stop, bodies in the oven may experience excessive heating (certainly unnecessary heating) as the oven must remain on at all times to maintain the process temperatures required.

Using a half-sectioned painted body in our R&D laboratory in Hemel Hempstead, Victory were able to develop a radiant heating system that could achieve the required internal cavity (sub-frame) temperatures to covert the wax from semi-solid to liquid, within 60 seconds.  The system heats only the sub-frame and only applies the heat for the 60 seconds required by the process.  In a second station the heat is applied a second time for 30s to ensure heat lost in station-transfer is regained, then the vehicle is tilted to ensure internal multi-cavity parts are coated.  The process is performed in an open line, no oven structure is required and the heat is applied instantly-on and removed; instantly-off.  Heat is only applied to the sub-frame areas where wax is injected, hence no other parts of the body are heated, so there is no wasted heat in the process itself. Likewise, in the rare case of a line-stop all heat can be instantly removed, meaning nothing gets excessively heated and no energy is wasted.

The end result is a reduction in this process cycle time from 20 minutes to 2 minutes per vehicle and a line length reduction from 80m to approximately 10m.  Other savings will be in the energy bill reduction.

The system was developed with automotive line access and up-time concerns in mind too.  For example every heating element is identical, so carrying spares is simple and low cost.  Being in an open environment access to both the vehicle and processing system itself is straight-forward should it be required (access in an 80m oven is difficult to say the least).

There is an additional environmental saving too, above and beyond the energy saving the new system offers.  The collection of the wax which inevitably flows out of the sub-frame was attempted in the 80m oven, but proved difficult over such a large system.  Utilising two near identical short-length process cells, wax collection and re-use is relatively easy and saves both material and further cost saving to the vehicle maker.


Victory controller range now includes WiFi unit

VLFS-3 WiFi fused spur

This new product from Victory is ideal for remotely switching Victory’s infrared heaters, and other electrical appliances such as lighting. With an IP66 version VLFS-3IP for outdoor uses, it is very versatile. Programme settings are all activated via your mobile device, so you can control your appliance at any time, no matter where you are. A total of 13A, 3kW can be controlled, with confirmation of settings and switching status of the connected appliance via the mobile app.

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FSTWIFI_iPhone_Flat    vlfs-3Wi-Fi_Logo

Fast drying for wood finishes

The Fast Bake Oven from Victory’s Heatlight range uses infrared heat for fast drying of paint or other coatings on wood or metal. Finishes can be dried in minutes which previously would have taken hours to air dry, significantly reducing production timescales. It also largely reduces dust problems.


The system comprises a drying cabinet equipped with four infrared cassettes. The cabinet is designed to be compatible with the mobile racking typically used in joinery workshops. The cabinet can thus be located away from the spraying or painting areas. The racks can be loaded with product and then simply wheeled away, into the drying cabinet. This frees up the application area and speeds up workflow.

The four 1500W cassettes are each mountable in three height positions. The cassettes are fully dimmable, so heat can be controlled to suit individual jobs.

More information on the Victory website.


Victory acquires UV lamp manufacturer, Blue UV

blue UV

We are pleased to announce that we have acquired the UK-based ultraviolet (UV) lamp manufacturer, Blue UV. The deal secures Victory’s place as one of the major global manufacturers of medium pressure UV lamps. The addition of UK manufacturing to our Far East production facilities means that we can respond quickly to customers’ requirements, wherever they are located, with high quality products.

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Sales team now includes Lithuanian

We are pleased to welcome Lukas Zickus as a member of the sales team at our head office at Hemel Hempstead, UK. He will be primarily responsible for UK and Ireland sales of our infrared and heating products but Lukas also adds a new language to our multilingual sales team, as he is from Lithuania. This brings the total number of languages among our sales team up to eight.

Cost savings for PET plastic manufacturing

press pic smlTests of Victory infrared PET lamps against a major competitor show that they provide more heat energy per watt, so will save money for the user. They also have longer life than many competitors, which reduces replacement cost.

That is why Victory PET lamps are used by many OEM equipment suppliers throughout the world, and are the first choice of replacement lamp by PET manufacturers.

They are compatible with all major OEMs including Sidel, Krones, Sipa, SMI, ADS and Side.

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Victory contour infrared lamps – shaped to fit the job


For infrared heat in production processes that require a specific shape, Victory can produce infrared lamps to any shape.

Victory Contour IR heaters can be shaped to match the requirements of the production process so heat is targeted exactly where it is needed.

  • Joining and welding plastic parts
  • Forming or bending plastic tubes
  • Drawing glass or plastic fibres
  • Heat shrinking
  • Soldering
  • Adhesive curing
  • Solder preforms
  • Butt welding

Victory contour lamps are available in a variety of finishes and can be customised to your requirement, so contact us to discuss your specification.