LEDs for paint drying

It’s interesting to reflect that light from LEDs actually starts life as UV. As in fluorescent tubes, it is then converted to visible wavelengths by coatings on the inside of the LED. So it’s not such new technology after all!

Here at Victory we are always trying to think outside the box. So it occurred to us that we could combine this fact with our experience of infrared paint dryers and travel to the other end of the spectrum, to produce an LED UV paint dryer. It’s an exciting idea. There are all kinds of coatings that can be dried or, more exactly, cured this way – UV paints, fillers, primers, clear coatings and adhesives, to name a few. Most existing equipment, though, uses UV lamps and is either small and hand-held, or large and fixed.

The system we are working on uses an array of UV emitting LEDs (UVEDs?) mounted on a mobile, adjustable frame. It has the benefits of LEDs and can be quickly adapted to all kinds of tasks. It combines the well established track record of our Heatlight IR equipment with a new twist on technology.

If anyone would like to give it a test drive get in touch.UVED_dryer


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