Should decorative bulbs be banned?


One of the big surprises in recent years has been the resurgence of decorative ‘vintage’ filament bulbs. With names like squirrel cage and carbon heater, they are relics from the past but have been massively popular in restaurants, cafes and pubs as a decorative feature, and we all love their retro look and warm cosy glow don’t we?

Now, there is a debate about whether they should be banned. LightingEurope is the industry association that represents the lighting industry in Europe, and on their website you can see the reasoning. Their mission is to promote efficient lighting practices and it is understandable that these bulbs should come under review, but we believe that their primary purpose is not lighting so they should not be evaluated in the same way as lighting products – and they are not big energy-consumers. LED alternatives are available of course, but we think people prefer the old technology in this case.

Of course at Victory we fully endorse the need for energy-saving, but you’ve got to have a bit of fun sometimes! What’s next? Christmas tree lights? We’d love to have your thoughts – please add your comments.


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