Cut warehouse heating cost

An advertising campaign currently running in Warehouse & Logisitics News (WLN) magazine explains that warehouse owners can make big savings by switching from gas-powered space heating to infrared electric heating. The magazine can be viewed online at the WLN website.

victory infrared heater editorial photo sml.jpg

The campaign is acompanied by this page on the Victory website that illustartes a warehouse in which nearly 80% can be saved – reducing a monthly bill of £1960 to £440. There is also a calculator that warehouse owners/managers can be use to find out what they would save by switching.

Victory infrared heating is a directional, radiant heat source that just heats people, so does not waste energy heating the stock, the building structure and air. It also benefits from low installation and maintenance costs and, as it is ‘instant on/off’ and needs no preheating, it can be controlled by dimmers and PIR sensors, ensuring that only the exact amount of heat is used only when it is needed.


‘Conventional’ space heating (L) compared to infrared people heating (R)


One thought on “Cut warehouse heating cost

  1. There’s been snow already and it’s looking like it may be a cold winter. I don’t have a warehouse – just a garden shed! – but if I did I’d certainly be looking at this option.


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